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TMJ4: Blue Ribbon Awards

No Comments2 August 17:59

By: Courtny Gerrish


MILWAUKEE – Thursday was Thanksgiving, and two local restaurants were serving up clean dining. Those restaurants got Blue Ribbon Awards. One restaurant has lots of noodles, and the other serves up delicious cheesesteak


If you order the philly at Chubby’s Cheesesteak, don’t forget to add the whiz. It’s all clean dining at the restaurant on Oakland and North in Milwaukee. “We have a checklist, a cleaning list and make sure everybody follows it and does it daily,” Co-owner Mazin Hamdan said.


For that, Chubby’s Cheesesteak gets the first Blue Ribbon Award. TODAY’S TMJ4’s Courtny Gerrish: “That’s so your customers know you have a clean health inspection report.” “That’s awesome. Thank you. I appreciate it,” Hamdan said.


The second Blue Ribbon Award winner was Noodles and Company on 27th and Oklahoma. “We really pride ourselves on a clean restaurant and food safety here,” General Manager Chris Potratz said.


Clean dining is served up with each and every meal at Noodles. We learned about this restaurant’s clean kitchen a different way. Courtny Gerrish: “You called me and let me know you had a clean inspection report.” “Yes, I did. I felt you needed to know about what the restaurants are doing out there,” Potratz said.

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