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No Min + Delivery – $3.50 and up depending on location
Riverwest | Downtown | UW-Milw | East Side | Marquette | BayShore Area | West to 60th

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2232 North Oakland Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202
414-287-9999 (phone)
414-287-9998 (fax)

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Click onto any item that interests you!   Browse through all showcase items to pick out your favorite’s!  All categories are placed below each item featured.  Enjoy!


Steak + Cheese

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Double Long Burger

2 Patties + Ketchup + Mustard + Pickles $5.75 with cheese $6.50

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Chili Cheesesteak Fries

Chili, Steak, Cheese Whiz.

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Corned Beef Philly

Swiss Cheese + Red & Green Peppers + Onions

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Corned Beef Rueben

Swiss Cheese + Sauerkraut + 1000 Island

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Italian Beef

Italian Beef + Cheese Whiz + Giardiniera + Peppers

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Long Burger

Ketchup + Mustard + Pickles with cheese $4.75

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Breaded Mushrooms

Breaded Mushrooms

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